Transylvania Florilegium: Wildflowers of Romania: 12 April to 5 May 2019

The National Museum of Art, Romania, Bucharest
Curator: Irina Neacșu.

The Transylvania Florilegium is a collection of watercolour drawings of rare grasses and wildflowers growing in the meadows and pastures of Transylvania, one of Europe’s last medieval landscapes. It was created under the umbrella of The Prince of Wales’s Foundation Romania to record the flora living there.  

Fay spent two weeks in July 2016 drawing plants in Viscri and Zalanpatak, working alongside fellow artists. Hers included Elecampane, found in a ditch at the edge of meadow-scrub boundary, 4km north of Viscri. A medicinal plant for chest and stomach ailments, its root drunk with vodka in Russia, and associated with Helen of Troy, said to be carrying a bunch of this when Paris abducted her. Its popular name in Transylvania is ‘Helen’s Tears’.